WK Herbal Chicken

WK Herbal Chicken 药材炖鲜鸡

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Herbal Chicken 药材炖鲜鸡

Weight: 500g per pack

Ingredients: Half Chicken, Wolfberry, Ligusticum Striatum, Astragalus Propinquus, Ginseng, Angelica, Polygonatum Odoratum, Codonopsis, Dioscorea Opposita, Date Plum and Licorice. 
(成份: 半只鲜鸡,枸杞,川芎,北芪,洋参,当归,玉竹,党参,红枣,淮山和甘草。)

Cooking Method: 
1. Steam: Remove outer packaging and steam for 20-25 minutes
2. Microwave: Remove plastic packaging (including the aluminum foil and inner plastic). Place on the container and re-heat for 15-20 minutes
*Due to variances to cooking applications, reheating time serves as a guide only.

Storage Instruction: Keep frozen at -18°c or below. Once thawed, do not refreeze. 

Product of Singapore

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