Tan Kim Hock Durian Dodol 陈金福榴莲粿加蕉
San Shu Gong 三叔公

Tan Kim Hock Durian Dodol 陈金福榴莲粿加蕉

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Tan Kim Hock Durian Dodol 陈金福榴莲粿加蕉

Weight: 180g

Dodol, aka Kuih Kacau, is a classic delicacy among the ancient Malay community. For these 40 years, Tan Kim Hock insisted to present the beauty of local flavor without cutting corners. Adding Durian flesh is totally a plus to this delicacy.


Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Glutinous Rice Flour, Glucose Syrup, Coconut Palm Sugar, Cane Sugar, Durian, Durian Flavor, Water.

Method of Consumption: Ready to eat

Storage Instruction: Keep in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Country of Origin: Malaysia