Prawn Wanton 鲜虾云吞
Prawn Wanton 鲜虾云吞

Prawn Wanton 鲜虾云吞

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Prawn Wanton 鲜虾云吞

Weight: 300g, 30 Pcs per pack

Our Handmade Prawn Wanton also a perfect match with our Noodles Products.

美味的鲜虾云吞, 采用鲜虾制成,云吞皮薄肉多,做工精细,水煮,火锅或油炸,搭配上一碗热腾腾的面,简直就是大人小孩都满足!

Ingredients: Prawn, Sugar, Salt, Egg and Sesame Oil.

Allergen : Contains Prawn, Sesame and Egg.

Cooking Method:
1. Boil: Place Wonton into the boiling water and stir them so they don't stick together. Let it cook for another 2 minutes when the Prawn Wanton have floating.
2. Deep Fry:  Deep Fry for 3-5 minutes until Golden Brown at the temperature of 150°c
*Due to variances to cooking applications, reheating time serves as a guide only.

Tip: Use anchovies or chicken as soup base.

Storage Instruction: Keep frozen at -18°c or below. 

Product of Malaysia.


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