Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines

Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines

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Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines

Weight: 325ml per bottle

Wynn's Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines is a multi- functional fuel treatment to maintain the fuel system of petrol injection engines in optimal condition.

-Cleans injectors and pump and keeps them clean.
-Improves cold starting properties.
-Prevents irregular idling and stumbling when accelerating.
-Restores injector spray pattern.
-Lubricates injectors, valves, pump and upper cylinder area.
-Improves combustion and engine performance.
-Protects the fuel system against rust and corrosion.
-Maintains CO and HC values at a minimum level.
-Prolongs the lifetime of the injection system.
-Is safe for use with catalytic converters and turbochargers.
-Prevents deposit formation on valves, in the intake manifold and in the combustion chambers.

- Can be used with LRP, leaded and unleaded petrol.
- To be used in petrol injection engines in order to prevent fouling of the inlet valves and to clean and keep clean injectors and pump.
- To be used in case of irregular idling, stumbling when accelerating, pinging, self-ignition, difficult starting, high fuel consumption, too high level of noxious exhaust gases.

- Add Wynn's Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines to the petrol tank containing at least 20 liters of petrol.

Country of Origin: Belgium

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