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Handmade Peanut Sesame Ball 花生芝麻枣

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Handmade Peanut Sesame Ball 花生芝麻枣

Halal Certified
✓ No Preservative Added

Weight and Qty: 350g, 5pcs per pack

The main ingredients of these Sesame Balls are glutinous rice flour and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The outer skin is crispy and the inner layer is extremely soft and chewy. Paired with a sweet peanut filling, guaranteed delicious!

芝麻枣( 煎堆)是家喻户晓的一道小吃,主料是糯米粉和撒上满满的芝麻。外皮香脆,内层香甜软糯,非常Q弹的口感!搭配上香甜的花生馅料,保证好吃!

Storage Instruction: Keep frozen at -18°c or below.

Product of Singapore