Diezel Turbo - Big Tank

Diezel Turbo - Big Tank

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Diezel Turbo - Big Tank

Weight: 285ml per bottle (for vehicles tank above 200L)

• Saves Fuel, Cleanses Fuel System and Improves Fuel Efficiency
• Improve Drivability and Acceleration
• Reduces Noises, Treat Black Smoke and Low Maintenance Cost
• Restore Lost Engine Power

• The best choice to removes contaminants like water, dirt and many more
• Performs cleaning of injectors, combustion chambers
• Restore the equality of diesel output for combustion
• Suitable for all diesel engines, (Diesel Passenger Cars, Van, Lorry, Trucks and etc.)

• Add a bottle to the Diesel fuel tank (full tank) and drive
• Improvements are visible after a short drive
• For optimum effect, add a bottle to the next diesel fill up

Country of Origin: Singapore

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