About us

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PinGo express is an e-commerce platform under the wing of WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd. It is an e-commerce platform that aims to bring premium tour merchandise, essential travel products, food, and many other products that travellers love. Direct to their home.

Travellers and shoppers alike can look forward to purchasing products that they love to bring back home while travelling. We aim to evolve into a one-stop shopping platform for the potential traveller that are looking to buy essential travel products.

We use our own fleets of delivery vehicle. Thus, cutting short the transitional period between purchase and the delivery of goods. Shoppers can look forward  a waiting time of 2-5 days on their products.

PinGo Aim

We aim to become a one-stop station for travellers that are looking to gear up before travelling and for shoppers that love to have a taste of famous tour destinations’ products and merchandise.

About PinGo Express