The Tree Essence Lime with Liquorice

The Tree Essence Lime with Liquorice 一树甘草陈年老桔(浓缩)

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The Tree Essence Lime with Liquorice 一树甘草陈年老桔(浓缩)

✓ Halal Certified

Weight: 800g per bottle

The simple act of brewing a perfect cup of Essence Lime tea ignites pleasurable anticipation of the goodness that is to follow. You may also use it as a dipping or cooking sauce.  


Ingredients: Lime, Glucose, Sugar, Fructose, Liquorice, Salt and Natural Flavoring Substances (Plant).
(Contains Thickening and Acidity Regulator as Permitted Food Conditioner)

Method of Consumption: Dilute 1 portion of concentrate with 5 x Chilled water.

Storage Instruction: Keep in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

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