PinGo Online official opening Facebook Live show

PinGo Online hosted its official opening Live on 13 June 2020.

Facebook Live on PinGoFB
Click above image to see replay of our PinGoFB Live show.

Our host Ms. Jenny, did a live demo on how to cook Ming An Kolo Mee with Ming An's special Kolo Mee Sauce (哥罗面酱). The noodles was very delicious and it only takes 2 min to cook the noodles.

Live cooking demo of kolo mee
Live cooking of Kolo Mee

2 Limited Combo Deals also announced during the Live show, viewers can look forward to the next Live show for more combo deals.

Special Deal
Special Combo Deals - Ming An Heong Peah, Ming An Tambun Biscuit, Yoyo Crispy Cuttle Fish, YoYo Original Pineapple Tart and Yoyo Honey Lemon Lime!

One of our lucky viewer Adela Chew won a $20 Voucher just by commenting and sharing the post. You can also win a $20 voucher by joining our Facebook contest.

Winner of $20 voucher

We would like to thank all our viewers for their like and share and also their support of our newly open online shop!  

Ming An Product selection

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